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JQL Avatar Sizer

Avatar Sizer is Free and you can download Avatar Sizer here.

There are times when you need just the right tool to do the job. Avatar Sizer is that tool.

Avatar Sizer has been designed to make images smaller, quickly and extremely easily. No mess, no fuss!

Creating your Avatar is done using an easy to use Wizard type interface. The Wizard guides you, step by step, through the whole process:

It doesn't get much easier than that!

Avatar Sizer automatically sorts out the "Aspect Ratio" of the image and uses "Smooth Resizing" to make your Avatar look as good as the original image, only smaller. Previewing an Avatar - click for a larger image

You can see that Avatar Sizer produces excellent results even when displayed at half it's normal size (click on the image on the left to open it full size).

The Avatar in the image on the left was produced from an 8.5" x 11" water colour of Ullswater in the English Lake District. The Avatar has been resized to fit 102 pixels x 102 pixels.

You can download Avatar Sizer here.

Notes on Avatar Sizer

  1. Avatar Sizer is extremely simple to use.
  2. Avatar Sizer is designed to resize images not to edit them.
  3. There is no upper limit to the size of image you can turn into an Avatar.*
  4. The Avatar you create can be any size from 1x1 pixels up to a maximum of 150x150 pixels, so it will be suitable for virtually all Forums, IMs etc.
  5. The Aspect Ratio of the image is retained when the image is resized.
  6. Images smaller than the "Maximum Width and Height" are not resized (i.e. they are not enlarged).
  7. Avatar Sizer uses "Smooth Resizing". This makes the Avatar image look very similar to the original, just smaller. Avatar Sizer may even make some Avatars look better than the original image.
  8. You can resize and save any number of images (use the "<< Prev" button to resize another image).*
  9. The resulting Avatar file can be saved as a JPG or a GIF. The default is JPG.
  10. Avatar Sizer will resize the following types of images:
    • Jpegs (JPG)
    • GIFs (GIF)
    • Bitmaps (BMP)
    • Windows Meta Files (WMF)
    • Enhanced Meta Files (EMF)
    • Icons (ICO)
  11. GIFs with transparent backgrounds are catered for and you can turn the transparency on or off.
  12. If you resize an animated GIF only the first image of the animation is saved, the rest are discarded. So, make sure the first image is the one you want and that you save the Avatar with a different filename.
  13. Avatar Sizer is Free for personal use. Though, in order that we can develop Avatar Sizer further, a donation would be greatly appreciated.
  14. As of version Avatar Sizer now comes complete with a Help file and Manual (in Adobe PDF format).
  15. You must ensure you have the rights to use an image before resizing or using it.
  16. The current version of Avatar Sizer is

* The only limits are the capabilities of your computer.

Minimum Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Download Avatar Sizer NOW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Avatar?
An Avatar is a small image used in Forums, Mobile Phones, Instant Messenger programs (IMs), PDAs etc. to identify yourself or your contacts.
In Forums Avatars, are usually displayed to the left of your post, directly beneath your Username.
In IMs, Mobile Phones, PDAs etc. Avatars are used to show your caller a graphical representation of who they are talking to and/or, as part of the phonebook/address entry.

What else can I use Avatar Sizer for?
Avatar Sizer can be used wherever you require a small image. For example in a report, in an essay, in a web page, in a CD or DVD cover. The list is nearly endless.

Can any image be made into an Avatar?
In theory, Yes! Provided you have the rights to use the image and the image you have is one of the ones Avatar Sizer can handle (see the Notes for valid types), you can turn it into an Avatar.
So, for example, if you've taken a picture with your digital camera or camera phone, you can turn it into an Avatar.

What is the derivation of the word Avatar?
(noun) chiefly Hinduism a deity appearing in bodily form on earth. - ORIGIN Sanskrit, ‘descent’. In computing, an image which represents you in online games, chat rooms etc.

Where can I download Avatar Sizer?
You can download it here.

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